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Trivium - Shogun - 10%

kris_dobo, October 21st, 2008

Trivium, The band people love to hate, and for a good reason to. Shogun marks Triviums fourth full length album and there isn’t much change in the Trivium camp. Matt Heafy has decided to bring the Japanese influence (which was featured in the likes of “Becoming the Dragon” from “The Crusade”) into more focus on this album. After listening to “Becoming the Dragon” off their earlier album, this sounds like a bad idea.

Trivium is still playing their brand of metal-core so if your going to check this out be warned that this is nothing new. As many of you should know they have indeed brought back the screaming and fans all over the world are creaming themselves in excitement, but was the so called “harsh” vocals any good in the first place? The answer is a big no. I am not sure who does the screaming anymore whether it’s Matt or Corey or both, but whoever it is should stop right now. The screaming is extremely bad. It honestly hurts my ear to listen to. The Crusade was no means a good album but was a breath of fresh air as it wasn’t plagued by constant screaming. The fans demanded the “harsh” vocals back (although Heafy stated in early interviews that he has never liked screaming and didn’t want it in Trivium) and low and behold there here in this album and sound exactly the same as in their other albums. Oh but the fans wanted it back so I guess they had to didn’t they? I’ll say it now that I am a death metal fan and I like harsh vocals so its not that I am biased towards those type of vocals but Triviums style is extremely crap and poorly executed.

Well onto the music. Matt and co. are extremely talented musicians which is my main problem. Why do they waste there talent and play this weak form of metal? They could do so much with there skills but they don’t seem to want to do anything else except rehash the same ideas. This album is plagued with weak and uninspired riffs. Yes there is an good amount of technicality in them but that cannot save them. Sure if you listen close enough there is some good ideas floating around like in the song “Insurrection” there are a couple of riffs that I actually kind of like, but as with every song on this album there is either a riff straight after that is complete shit or a chorus. If you’ve heard Trivium before you will know that their choruses aren’t that good but on this album they are so unbelievably pathetic. Every single chorus on this album shit. I’m a man who likes his choruses and this band offers nothing good at all. They’re either typical “catchy” choruses that are honestly not catchy at all or you’ll get a chorus that does not, in any way shape of form, fit with the song an destroys any chance of a song being decent. Take “Kirisute Gomen” for example. It’s not the best song in the world but it has some decent moments. When the chorus comes in though there is a complete change of pace and sound. It honestly doesn’t fit and if you’ve heard the song already you’ll know what I mean. It happens a second time at the end of the song also. It has a silent gap making you think the song is finished then a drum fill brings the chorus back in. It makes me cry as this song could have been half decent. The rest of the songs on this album just follow the same idea that “Kirisute Gomen” has set.

The lyrics on this album are appalling. If you want to get a laugh out of this album though read the lyrics. Here some example of how bad Trivium are at writing lyrics. “Into the Mouth of Hell” features classic lyrics like "dear god the fucking ship is sinking", "life is hard, a fucking battle" and “Kirisute Gomens” "with all the blood making a flood". This is only a few shots at the lyrical abilities that Trivium posses. Hearing these lyrics destroys this album even more and completely kills any chance of any song being good.

I’ve tried my hardest to like this album but I just can’t bring myself to say it is alright (never mind good). Of course on its release this will be snapped up by all the kids claiming to be metal heads nowadays and it will probably hit the number one spot in the charts. Everyone from the local Emo to Metal Hammer and Kerrang will be claiming it as the greatest album ever and just as good as “Master of Puppets” or whatever other bullshit they think is amazing. But as long as I don’t have to hear this album again I don’t care what they say.