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One great album, that metalheads should listen to! - 83%

ShadeOfDarkness, May 27th, 2010

Trivium is one of those bands that many people hate. Personally, I do not! Their first two albums were not so good though, because of their ugly metalcore sound. However, on the third record, they became one hell of a thrash band, and like many others have said, they combined their styles on this album.

The songs are pretty different from one another. We've got the thrasy one like: Kirisute Gomen, Insurrection and Like Calisto To A Star In Heaven. On the other hand we have the more melodic ones such as: Throes Of Pedrition, Down From The Sky, (parts of) Shogun and The Calamity. The thing about this album is that it is variated, and that's a good thing if you ask me!

Many metalcore bands such as Avenged Sevenfold and Atreyu have a lot of really gay vocal lines. Trivium had it, on their first two CD's. But when Matt Heafy started taking vocal lessons, he immediately got rid of his gay side. Although you may hear some signs of it yet, most of the gay vocals are gone. He shows good vocal techniques here, even though I can't say the same about his live performance. But I'm not reviewing any live album now, (because they never released one! HAHA!!)

The guitars have always been a special thing about Trivium, as Matt and Corey shows their variated play on this album. They are still keeping the guitars tuned in E, which is a good thing. I absolutely DON'T like it when a thrash band decides to tune down their guitars, and for no reason too! Just look at bands like Kreator, Sodom and Destruction. Why the fuck do they need to tune down their guitars? Anyway, Trivium keeps the thing in E, although they don't always play in E. The title track is played in C all along the way, but it's got some devastating riffs to back it up. The song I like the least on this album is Throes Of Pedrition, due to it's chunky groove metal riff. I don't know what they were thinking while making this song, but at least most of the other songs are good.

Travis is an exeptionally good drummer, who has always used a lot of different techniques. To say it like this, he kicks Lars Ulrich's sorry ass right down to the floor! Travis sees to that every song is played with real variation and technique of course. He is actually one of my drum idols!

So if you are wondering if you should get this album, then I have a couple of things to say to you all.
If you like thrash metal, then you will like some of the songs on this record. I am a little more open minded than some of you may be, so I like the other songs as well. So for Anti-Open minded thrash fans, just download this from the internet.
If you like Trivium, then of course you must buy this!! You have NO godamn choice!