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New Trivium? - 70%

Alex_Steele, September 30th, 2008

To put it bluntly, no. Not new but slightly better than before.

The new album, Shogun, is a step up from Ascendancy, but equals The Crusade. It would seem that they have reached a plateau in their sound, now it is a plateau that isn't hard to reach, it is near the top of Mt. Sellout. Keep this in mind through out the review, I do not hate Trivium, I am not an elitist, nor am slamming a band that has just saw the fork in the road and chose the one to fame and money. The other fork would be to make good music that you believe in, like Dave Mustaine did.

On to the album. Shogun has a Japanese oriented cover and title. It appears that they have opted out of stealing from their traditional riff pool of Metallica, Megadeth, and Dream Theater. Those are the major three anyway. They focus now on the culture of Japan. I have no problem with this though, because they have to write about something, and this is a common thing to write about. I don't know where they got the riffs though, since in the time of the Shogun, "Heafy Metal" (see footnote 1) wasn't real popular. Anyway this album isn't all bad, just average. Trivium is a band that says, look at us we can play instruments.

Now for the breakdown:

The Good - Like any other metalcore (I don't care what the band says, they are metalcore) they have some catchy riffs and vocal parts from time to time. This is true for all the songs. So about 1/3 of each song is good.

The Bad - Also like bands of the -core genres, Trivium feels that it is necessary that have a melodic vocal followed immediately by a growl. They also fill the songs with pointless stuff that lengthens the albums too much. I think that an over an hour is too much when you are not telling a story from the beginning to the end,
such as Operation: Mindcrime by Queensryche. This album could use about 15 to 25 minutes shaved off of it to make it more bearable.

Final Ratings (out of 10):
Album as a whole: 7.0
Vocals: 4.8 (The usual -core vocal format)
Guitars: 7.5 (They show proficiency of the instrument through riffs)
Bass: 0.7 (Non-existent. Completely produced out of the band.)
Drums: 5.3 (He has potential, but does not take the music in any real direction)
Production: 9.5 (True miracle with this band)

1) ANationalAcrobat - "Heafy metal", Trivium's true genre.