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Identity Crisis/Plagiarizing/Garbage - 30%

CannibalCrepe, June 1st, 2010

Goddamn, perhaps you are familiar with Trivium. I'll be brief but the derivative metalcore-with elements of melodeath-and-big rock-choruses-band turned metalcore with blatant strip-mining of James Hetfield's riffs and singing style band turned (not even) half-way "thrash" band with big rock choruses and garbage metalcore vocals is back and gearing up for either a new album...or God of War video game. It's unclear.

Still unsure as to what sub-genre they should be aping and attaching catchy choruses to, Trivium has opted to cash in on melodic death metal (again), if this single is indicative of their new direction. The harsh vocals are still there, with the addition of more "death grunts" and melodic minor scale riffs to a general up-tempo death/thrash beat. Don't get too excited; any chance of the song NOT being suitable for the soundtrack of "Alien Vs. Predator" is compromised with the stark imposition of Godsmack-esque, over-produced, layered rock and roll chorus. I'm all for triumphant choruses, make no mistake. When I'm making breakfast most days I found myself bellowing "The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner" in my bathrobe. No, this is a different story. Imagine listening to "Hating Life" by Grave and having all the momentum they've built up during the first few verses or so slamming the breaks on to superimpose a radio-friendly chorus.

That's the main issue with Trivium -- they willingly compromise any "metalness" in their music with inoffensive, over-produced, modern rock elements. Rather than putting out confrontational, tightly-executed songs, they half-ass those parts and make, let's see...Motorcross stunt video music. If you willingly choose the right hand path, mediocrity, you will receive as much credit as you deserve.

In summation: Tightly played but uninspiring melodeath riffs that were probably plagiarized from yet another metalcore band, weak metalcore screams and even weaker grunts, super hi-fi production, no audible bass presence, reasonably well executed drums, illogical song progression (as though different parts of different songs were glued together), and incredibly forgettable solos. I didn't even mention the breakdown in this song. Yuck.