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RidgeDeadite, May 28th, 2012

Trivium really built up a lot of hype when it came to their newest release In Waves. They started out as a aggressive metalcore band with lots of screaming, then for The Crusade, they went to a melodic thrash metal side completely. Shogun was like the mixture of both styles and really showcased their talent and where they stand at that point in their careers while reflecting everything they’ve already done. They promised that In Waves will be their return to their roots in Ascendency and Ember To Inferno, and they were mostly right. I had a little doubt to this, as this is also their first album with their new drummer Nick Augusto (ex-Maruta), who was in a band with Paulo Gregoletto (bassist) before Trivium called Metal Militia.

They did not completely ditch the singing and bring back the rawness as I was under the impression that they would do. Not saying that I don’t like it, I absolutely love both their styles. But I would be more comfortable by saying this album is a continuation of what Shogun was, as this album shows both sides equally like their previous album had done. The first song “In Waves” starts off with a scream filled breakdown a’la Ascendency, then heads into the melodic side of things that sounds like it was taken straight off of The Crusade. This song doesn’t have the complicated riffs that fill just about every other Trivium song, other than the solo halfway through the song, and instead opt to make it simple yet catchy.

The true shredding begins with “Inception Of The End,” which brings the energy that was promised and goes beyond that. The music is strictly metalcore, but the lyrics go back and forth between the epic singing and the awesome screams that made them famous in the first place. The drums are really put out more and Augusto really goes out of his way to provide more depth into the song instead of just being your everyday standard drummer that just keeps a song going. I feel that he will be establishing himself as a true force within the next few years.

The track “Watch The World Burn” is a track that shows Trivium branching out more beyond their usual sound of either metalcore or thrash. It’s more of a progressive track overall with metalcore influences and a melodic thrash chorus line in my opinion. The build up into riffs, then a heavy prog bridge with epic vocals over the song, then thrash chorus, this track has it all.

One track that really brings me back to the good ol’ days is “A Skyline Severance.” It is very reminiscent of the tracks “Ascendency” and “Drowned and Torn Asunder” in terms of how the track is structured. It’s got a soft yet heavy build up, before heading into the faster realm of music, then straight into the first verse. Matt Heafy (vocalist and lead guitarist) exhibits a deeper screaming that I haven’t really heard before, but it’s spread throughout the song. The guitar work on this song is one of Trivium’s all time best, and the drums really stand out more than ever. They really speed up the song around the two minute eighteen second mark by working in tandem with the guitars and fueling each other, all before bringing out a solo, verse, then another truly epic solo that really stands among anything they’ve ever done.

This album has shown the world that Trivium will never fade out of sight. Although I don’t really think that In Waves fully brought them back to their roots like they’ve been saying over the past few months, those moments are definitely there that have been missing since Ascendency. The song structuring for a few of the songs has shown a new side of Trivium, and they have refined the mixture of both their metalcore and melodic thrash metal sides into one cosmic entity. Another stand out track that I have saved as a flavor saver is “Caustic Are the Ties That Bind.” It’s something entirely new and definitely worth checking out.

This is my message to Trivium: After hearing this album, I would absolutely love to see you all try your hand into the progressive metal genre. Maybe as an EP or something, but I have faith that it will show yet another epic side of Trivium that would bring in more new fans and not alienate the long time fans of your music.