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In Waves - 85%

BlackWind_LoneWolf, July 7th, 2012

Trivium is a band which has evolved and combined different styles, starting as a cool metalcore band they turned with time into trash and heavy metal and improving their style into something pretty cool, as a proof, 'Shogun' is a very solid medley of these 'metal elements'. It's a great album with pretty cool songs so... What's going on with 'In Waves'?

For Trivium's fifth album it isn't any surprise that is similar to 'Shogun'. There are so many pretty cool songs but also some others aren't as good as the others. 'Inception of the End', 'Dusk Dismantled' and 'Forsake Not the Dream' sound heavy with powerful drums and guitars, but also the tracks are kind of inconsistent and repetitive, even if those tracks were made to fill the album, they could have been better and the same happens with some bonus tracks like the teidous 'Shattering the Skies Above'.

But for most of the songs I have to say that they're impressive! The songs sound heavy and even if they are kind of depressive (a caracteristic for Trivium's songs) they're so fucking cool, with powerful drums, cool solos and awesome riffs. Just to say some of these songs we have 'Watch the World Burn' wich is strong and fluid, 'Built to Fall' is a proof of the right blance between a popular single and an awesome epic song. Even 'In Waves' is pretty cool despite being annoyingly repetitive and catching.

Even if it isn't perfect and neither better than 'Shogun', 'In Waves' is a very cool album and it worths listening for. At times it can be kind of tedious if you're not used to Trivium's style or if you dislike it but it still being pretty cool.