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Not perfect, but great! - 80%

Maxim666, September 15th, 2008

Seeing a huge change ongoing between the two previous Trivium albums, Ascendancy and The Crusade, I was very curious how Trivium was going to surprise us with their next album - entitled Shogun.

In advance of the album, which will be released on September 30th, three singles have been released, one of them being Down From The Sky. In the video, starting with talking about explosions and parts of what seem to be the news about ongoing wars, the video makes clear that, at least in this song, Trivium did not head into another lyrical direction. That doesn't matter, really, as I can enjoy some good political lyrics sometimes.

The intro of the song starts slowly with harmonized guitars and only few bass and drums. It slowly builds up on speed until the end, where it implodes into a nice riff, but nothing special really. In the first verse the type of clean vocals are heard that we still remember of the crusade, which had only few screams and grunts. I knew that Matthew K. Heafy(lead vocals, guitar) said that when he wanted to sing over some parts of the songs, it just didn't work. So this album will bring back some of the screaming and grunting we heard in Ascendancy. After hearing this song, I can do nothing but agree with him. The choice of grunting over some parts, such as the bridge and the prechorus was a good one, which makes this song really diverse. It has heavy parts, which can either have a mid tempo rythm, or even a bit slower, but heavy it is. But as heavy as those parts are, as melodic is the chorus. The two solos in this song are nice, but not extremely special, or instant classics, such as Wintersun's Beautiful Death was for me.

So, a bit that we know from The Crusade, a bit back to the days of Ascendancy, something good for every Trivium fan. Make me curious for the rest of the album this has, yes, it certainly has. Fifteen more days...