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Clone Number 501 - 12%

Fatal_Metal, November 8th, 2005

Why did this band have to come up? Weren't there already 500 bands that played the same formula and same unintelligent riffing over and over again? This makes The Haunted seem heavier than Dark Angel, this album is one of the worst releases in music (forget metal). After their debut which sucked equally, Trivium have released another monstrosity on us that only a metalcore fanatic like my brother would worship. I had heard this album only because my brother thought it was thrash and I'd like it. He was wrong, that’s FOR SURE.

Musically, there's nothing exciting or new here. It's all been done before and it's done better by the only decent metalcore band in this sucky genre - Shadows Fall. The guitar leads are nothing overtly technical or well done but they’re probably the only thing good about the guitar. Trivium sound totally like an extremely watered down Dark Tranquility trying to be seen as thrash by playing melodic riffs that are in no way exciting. Throw in a vocalist who has a clean voice as bad as that kid from "Busted" and a pussy hardcore voice and you have one of the worst bands in metal. Yes, he may be good in "Capharnaum" but he's total rubbish here. The drumming too is nothing special and if I may add - the only proper thing in the album. Yet, I don’t listen to metal to hear the drums; drums only complement the music which completely sucks here so no points for the drumming.

On a song level, everything just sucks here. The band actually has a good intro riff in Declaration and Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation but then they decide to go all melodic and the song totally collapses. All the songs here suck, Like Light to Flies has the worst clean vocals ever recorded and Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr has annoying double-bass combined with the normal annoyances of Trivium. Every single track on this album sounds the SAME except for the last track Declaration. Declaration can be seen as the moment of glory in the bands career, its 7 minutes long and it actually keeps me interested for the first 25 seconds. Then, the song totally falls apart with nothing in it to keep me interested. “Dying in Your Arms” sounds totally emo and has the most annoying melodic intro riff I’ve ever heard. “Rain” starts off with an awesome riff but again falls apart when they go melodic and Heafy comes in. The band seems to get everything wrong and even if they do 10 seconds of right, they have to do 3 minutes of wrong to compensate.

Final Verdict: One of the worst albums ever recorded. It’s not really Load, but its pretty close. The main problem with the music is – they have a sucky vocalist. Besides this, there are also other prevalent problems – drums mixed in too loud, uninteresting “riff” and leads, vocals mixed in too loud. My advice is to stay clear of this album; this is only something a metalcore fanatic could ejaculate over – to all the others, stay away. This band’s existence is unneeded, there are already 500 clones of Killswitch Emo-Gage and we don’t need any more.