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Triumph, Genus - Na kom je nyní tolik z mojí vůle?

Czech BM is very specific - 70%

dismember_marcin, May 1st, 2019

Triumph, Genus are very enigmatic band for me, as I never had a chance to hear anything from them before I got "Na kom je nyní tolik z mojí vůle?". But this Czech band is active since few years now and released several different recordings already, including "Všehorovnost je porážkou převyšujících" LP for Iron Bonehead. 2018's "Na kom je nyní tolik z mojí vůle?" is a compilation CD, released by Under the Sign of Garazel, which features three EPs: "V zasněžených vrcholech se odráží můj smysl" (2016), "Hladiny plynoucích, žádný zítřek není do vás mým tokem promítnut" (2017) and "Na kom je nyní tolik z mojí vůle?" (2018). Yeah, I know. They couldn't think of catchier titles ha ha. No chance to remember or understand them.

But joking aside, this is actually quite worthy and interesting band; one of those black metal acts, which immediately caught my attention with the music that is a bit different from what you usually hear. And that’s cool, because on one hand Triumph, Genus plays quite traditional, second wave black metal, but on the second, vocals do a lot of work here to distinguish them from the majority of bands. They (vocals) are mainly responsible for creating that grim atmosphere here! I don't wanna make comparisons to other Czech bands, especially to Cult of Fire who are now the most popular band I think, but they all have that specific atmosphere in their music. And that atmosphere is strengthened by the vocals, which just sound so different! Czech lyrics, accent, specific arrangements - they all do the job here. At first, you're like "what the hell, this is so weird!", but then you realize that it really works. Vocals in Triumph, Genus sound more like the guy was reading his texts with his deep, harsh voice rather than used the typical black metal vocals. That, combined with the music, sets up a perfect dark, grim and almost ritualistic aura.

Musically Triumph, Genus is a straight up black metal, very harsh, vicious and uncompromising. It often slays with fast tempos, it's also quite simplistic, but occasionally Triumph, Genus comes up with something extra like a melodic line or a couple of acoustic guitars. I can hear some riffs, which seem to be very influenced by the Norwegian early 90's albums like early Satyricon or even Dimmu Borgir's debut (in “Jest mi slavností zdroj zdařilých obměn na všem živém” I think??). But at the same time, they have enough originality of the Czech black metal scene to achieve a unique and interesting result. And on top of that, production of each of these EPs is very good, so is the performance of the band members. Pity only that the digipak is so minimalistic, athough I have no idea if I would have any use of the lyrics for instance haha!

Verdict: 70/100