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Widow's Weed! - 90%

PowerMetalGuardian, June 6th, 2003

Tristania! Certain bands come to my mind. Lacuna Coil (not as good as Tristania), Therion, etc. There is one thing this album has that makes it awsome, and that is attitude (mood). It starts off on Preludium, which takes about 30 seconds for us to hear. It starts off with a choir singing, it sets you in the mood for what is to come. You think everything is peaceful, but it isn't and we soon learn that in the next song. Preludium goes right into Evenfall. The choir remains, but now we have distorted guitars and some awsome male vocals, which are kind of growly/harsh, but to the point of actually understanding what he is saying. While that is going on the backing vocals are coming in with excellence! After some awsome guitar work that would put Nightwish to shame, we have a more calmer side of Evenfall. A nice piano piece with some talking vocals, really gets the mood going. Violins play a nice part, then guitars, then the male vocals, just awsomely displayed in this song.

If it is one thing this album shows it's a great tone and mood, but also awsome harsh vocals. The other Tristania album I've ever heard didn't have much of the harsh vocals. This does a good job of mixing the vocals up. One song with mostly harsh, and the next with mostly clean female vocals. But what makes this album even cooler is the way the vocals are intermixed. For example on the song December Elegy, it starts off with the clean female vocals, which leaves a sweet feeling. Then BAM, harsh vocals that will make you feel like something has just gone wrong. Definetly a mood grabber! Not to mention the guitar riffs go wonderful with the vocals. There is also a cool distortion on with these guitars, almost like a buzz sound, it's killer!

This album is very complex. It shifts moods, sometimes too fast to catch up with it. On some moods you feel evil, hate, and death (ie. Midwintertears). While other times you feel peaceful and calm (parts of Angellore). This album definetly slams you to the ground and sends you back for more! It has awsome female vocals and male harsh vocals (with some male clean). There are no real solo's, but who cares! The buzz distortion is awsome; the riffs go great with the singing. Along with the sound effects, choir, violins, and everything else, this album is one happening piece of music. So what songs are good? All of them! Absolutely every minute of this album is worth hearing, there is nothing wrong with this album. It's a great mood grabber; not to mention it starts and ends on an awsome note (Preludium and Postludium). Everything you would want out of this kind of music is all right here. I recommend this album to everyone, at least to try it out...then go from there!