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Wanna be in Paradise? Listen to this Album - 100%

Archaeopteryx, November 17th, 2004

If I didn't listen to this album, I wouldn't be listening to metal at all. It's unspeakable, I can't beleive this was made by human beings living on Earth like us.

The vocals in Tristania is kind of unique, you can find a variety of excellent vocalists; Vibeke stene, simply the best female vocalist out there, her voice is just enchanting. Morten Veland: Does the growls in an excellent way, and sometimes he does the high pitched shrieks (like those of black metal), and eitther sounds perfect; he is from the best voclists in this genre (if not the best). Osten Bergoy: Clean vocals which fit the music perfectly to comlete the fascinating harmony. And the choir which give their music its unique sound.

Most of the music is slow melancholic beauty. The violin plays a major part creating a mood of heavenness (try listening to December Elegy and you'll know what I mean)

The best thing about this album is that each song is completely different than the other, not one single similer track to any other track.

It ends with a killer track which features only the choir, (pretty catchy if you like the chorus thing)

Whatever kind of music you listen to listen to this album, and you won't be dissapointed. It's more than just music, more than just metal... It takes you to another place.