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Tristania - The Beginning - 80%

WitheringToSerenity, June 6th, 2005

At a time when very few dared to follow in the footsteps of Theatre of Tragedy in the sub genre known as gothic metal, Tristania would eventually be one of the main bands in propelling this once obscure genre of metal into something huge. Tristania was not the first of this kind nor will this be the album that pushed them over the top, but this album does contain two incredible tracks that appeared on their first classic album Widows Weeds. Pale Enchantress and Midwintertears which are two of Tristania's best ever. You could easily say this sets the stage for their first and most groundbreaking album. It also contains two never Tristania tracks never before heard. Sirene and Cease to Exist.

Sirene is the introduction to this demo and demonstrates the enchanting choirs and the beautiful piano compositions that flow ever so gracefully with the keyboards and their first implementation of choirs. This sets the stage very well for Midwintertears and Pale Enchantress. As mentioned before two very good Tristania songs a bit lacking in production and not very different than what was heard on their first breakthrough album(Widows Weeds). The only other track on this album Cease To Exist uses memorable piano lines, soothing keyboards and Vibeke's alluring female vocals very effectively as well as the contrasting harsh guttural nature of Mr Morten Veland. Very good track which sounds very Theatre of Tragedy influenced than anything else they have done but very impressive nonetheless.

A very nice track but like most of this album, this demo has been surpassed. I would recommend even with the slightest interest to hear this for Cease To Exist especially. Since this is an original demo I would not recommend this first from their catalogue but every Tristania fan will surely enjoy this first demo of theirs.