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Let us be the ones to put the thorn in thy eye. - 82%

heavymetalvixen, January 20th, 2004

Tristania are a mix of gothic and operatic metal. Thats how I see their music anyhow. There is a great variety of vocals (death, clean male and female) on here, and they blend together perfectly. Most of the music on this album is harsh, but somehow the operatic female vocals manage to add something softer and more calming to the songs without ruining the previously mentioned harshness.
After reading earlier reviews of this album and listening to the album numerous times over the year or so that I've had it, I've just noticed that there are no guitar solo's. Normally one of the main things I look for is good guitar soloing, but Tristania's music sounds amazing even without any of the guitar solo's. Hell, I didn't even notice the lack of soloing untill someone else mentioned it to me.
And finally, even through all the savagry of the music on here, the keyboards and violins add alot of beauty to it. I enjoy it when a band can add some of those symphonic elements into the middle of a song without it sounding forced or out of place.

Best Tracks: A Sequel of Decay, Opus Relinque, Lethean River, Heretique, and Dementia.