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Beyond my fantasy - 97%

VladTheImpaler, July 1st, 2003

This album begins with it's title track and starts of with some good female vocals, 34 seconds in the music starts and after 48 seconds the harsh vocals comes in my eyes quite surprising harsh vocals. The most unique thing about this Norwegian band is the three vocalist that is all specialist on different types of vocals and more surprising these days) they are all good!

Now these can’t happen? A band that has three great vocalist? Actually Tristania proves me wrong and if you like clean vocals, female vocals and not to aggressive type of music this is something for you!

After “beyond the veil” comes “Aphelion”(almost eight minutes long) that has some great keyboard sounds(though they are kind of weird). It has no clean vocals clean(made by the male vocalist) almost and it’s only a track with female chorus and male harsh vocals and it probably will surprise you many times since I it never ends!

In “A Sequel of Decay” the clean vocalist those his first entry! Quite boring to actually have three vocalist on stage. This is the “clean male vocals night” if compare to the other two tracks, though he dosen’t have to much lines to sing in this track. The first 5 songs is all over 6 minutes, 5 last has only one that is over 6 minutes and a total length of 52 minutes. Norway proves to me that they have good band that isn’t black metal.

This is easy the three best tracks and easy one of the better albums in –99 and Vibeke is a worthy opponent to Nightwish Tarja as the best female vocalist and this beats Lacuna Coils – “Comalies” pretty much in every way they can beaten in.