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Another powerful Veland offering - 95%

TommyA, March 8th, 2007

Following along the veins of "Widow's Weeds", "Beyond the Veil" is yet another masterpiece from one of the best gothic metal bands I've ever heard. Easier to listen to than "Widow's Weeds", this album is what I would recommend to anyone new to the band (or genre, for that matter).

"Beyond the Veil" contains excellent gothic metal with added symphonic elements. Like "Widow's Weeds", it includes a harsh vocalist (Morten Veland), an operatic female vocalist (Vibeke Stene) and a clean male vocalist (Osten Bergoy). Once again, harsh vocals appear more often than the others. Female and male vocals are a bit more frequent here than in the debut, but still don't have more than a quarter of the lyrics in each song. As always, the vocalists are flawless and deliver a lot of power.

Music is a bit different. Guitars are given a higher importance than before, and keyboards play a bigger part in the music. This creates a more accessible sound than the one present on the debut. However, it's not a big a change like the ones that are occurring between each of their later albums. You can still tell it's from the same band that released "Widow's Weeds". And also, like in almost every Tristania album, Einar continues to impress me with his talent and ability to make every track sound like paradise.

In my opinion, only two tracks would deserve a 9/10 ("Opus Relinque" and "Simbelymne"). The rest are all perfect and gripping in every way possible. My personal favourite would have to be the title track, which is the song that first got me hooked on the band.

This is probably the album I'd recommend to gothic metal fans who are new to Tristania, since it has a very accessible sound. “Beyond the Veil” is a stunning release, and takes the listener to a whole other world