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Nice tone for goth metal! - 72%

PowerMetalGuardian, March 22nd, 2003

Beyond the Veil isn't your usual metal, even compared to goth music. If you've never heard Tristania before, it is like Lacuna Coil. If you've never heard them it's like Nightwish, with both a women singer and a male singer with harsh vocals.

This album really didn't impress me all that much. You can barely hear the guitar riffs over everything else. The riffs are cool, nothing to get excited about though. There are no solo's which was very depressing. The symphonics are pretty cool, nice effects and all, but I think that it is overdone to the point of dullness. The vocals on the other hand are pretty good. The female can sing pretty good, which is like opera style. Some times she sings in the background when the male is singing, which reminds me a lot of Therion (but it sounds better than Therion).

The harsh vocals department is good as well. They're harsh vocals; deep growly tone, you either like it or you don't. Sometimes the guy will sing in a clean tone that gives it a nice edge, this kind of reminds me of Opeth (but the singer is more articulate with his tone, thus making it better than Opeth). Another great thing about this album is the keyboards, very melodic at times and at other times very 'Up and in your face' style, like Children of Bodom.

Another bad quaility is the length of the songs, most being at least 6-7 minutes, give or take a few. Sometimes the songs just seem long and drawn out. There are a lot of good (decent) songs on her. The chick even fakes an orgasm on Opus Relinque (interesting?). You see, there is one overall great quality about this album, and that is its tone. It sets a mood of darkness and melodic at the same time. It leaves great feelings upon the listener, which is something I always look for in these kind of genres. I recommend it to people who like goth stuff, or if your willing to try it, go for it. You might like it. I am just inbetween I guess.