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Could there possibly be a better album out there? - 100%

InSilenceEnshrined, March 23rd, 2004

Widow's Weeds was/is a great album, especially for a debut full-length. However, it's hard to find it great when compared up to the amazing Beyond the Veil.. Everything was at it's best here, the production, the instruments and especially the songwriting in my opinion.. Favorite tracks include ...of Ruins and a Red Nightfall, Aphelion, Opus Relinque, title track and Angina. The title track was the perfect way to start this amazing album. With it's great intro, first 30 seconds are rather quiet and sung by Vibeke Stene, then it picks up nicely with Morten Veland's well recognisable growl at 47 seconds in.. Other memorable moments for me on this album include 5:30-6:37 on Beyond the Veil as it slows down with some great clean male vocals at the end performed by Østen Bergøy, 1:13-1:50 on A Sequal of Decay with it's very chilling, melodic violin, 2:46-3:10 on Angina which is greatly sung by Vibeke Stene, she doesn't seem to have many big highlights on this album but this one really made a difference in this song to me.. But the biggest highlight on the whole album for me is the 6 minutes, 22 seconds that is ...of Ruins and a Red Nightfall, best blend of harshness and melody that has ever reached my ears, the riffage in this song is amazing, the keyboards help very much as well, if you listen to this song once you're likely to listen 1 or 2 more times at the very least.

Although many would disagree, I think Beyond the Veil easily surpasses any Theatre of Tragedy release or any of it's kind.. I originally planned to give it a 99, but that just doesn't seem like a fair judgement seeing as how it's my favorite album.. Easily the best gothic metal album ever released in my opinion..100!!