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Holy Grail #2 - 100%

FozzyOgoody, July 20th, 2014

When Monotheist came out I obsessed over the album. It blew my mind and I thought no other album in the world could top it. When the newly-formed Triptykon released Eparistera Daimones, I was proven wrong. When I first heard this album when it came out I was blown away again to say the least and I was expecting that from this album. I don't want to spoil the review right away, but this album is purely amazing and worth the 4 years of wait.

First off, the opening track, Tree of Suffocating Souls, is a perfect opener. It's heavy and dark and just like the first album, Santura's vocals are an amazing addition to Tom's. The one thing I love about Triptykon is how Santura's vocals are implemented. Tom's tyrannical vocals and Santura's raspy vocals go hand in hand and honestly, I wish every song included him, especially on the second track where Santura's vocals are used throughout the whole song and on In the Sleep Of Death as well. The album title Melana Chasmata is a perfectly suitable name that describes the album. It's deep, very depressive, and the album is the definition of the dark, yet is so beautiful.

Triptykon has really adapted their own distinguished sound in their short discography. The most common aspect of the band would be the heaviness of the guitars, which are tuned in drop B. The extremely heavy guitar tones on this record are what set the mood for every song and the riffs aren't even that complicated, they are just mostly catchy and heavy as hell. One thing I have realized about Triptykon is that none of the members really like to show off, especially on this record. They play resourcefully and what seems to me focus on the overall heaviness of the album instead of showing off.

Overall, I absolutely love the instrumentation on this album; it is colossus heavy and instills dark imagery in anyone listening to it. Not just the heaviness is great on this album. Some of the slower points of this album like, for example, Boleskine House, Aurorae, and Breathing are the slowest parts of the album, but of course are still dark and heavy. What I love about these songs is that instead of a heavy wall of guitar, you find a heavy wall of atmosphere and emotion. Either its the almost clean guitar and tribal-like drumming on Boleskine House or the void-like ambient on Waiting that just takes your breath away. My personal taste of music includes bands that present a lot of emotion in their music and on this album you can almost feel Tom's depression on it.

The album loses no momentum the more you get into it. From the calmer narrative song Aurorae to the bone-chilling song Demon Pact. When I first heard Demon Pact, the song literally scared the shit out of me, and knowing that the song is based on a bunch of nuns becoming possessed helps that out as well. Every single song on this album stands out from the other, but one of my favorite tracks would be Black Snow for sure. The main riff on the song is very simplistic but genius, and the song makes me feel like I'm in the middle of endless forest of snow in the pitch black. The whole album for me gives great imagery - very dark imagery. The last song on the album is a great closer as well. It has a very beautiful sound to it, but it also holds a very eerie, mysterious feel to it as well which I love.

I highly doubt any album this year brings will be half as good as this, but I could be wrong. This album perfectly satisfies my musical tastes, and the more I listen to it, the more it continues to grow on me. However, I do prefer Eparistera Daimones slightly better, but this album is still beyond amazing. Tom 's brilliance is always prevalent in his projects and he has never ceased to surprise me. I will always look forward to his work to come.