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First-time Tom Warrior listener here... - 96%

SpyreWorks, April 25th, 2010

Everywhere I looked, this elusive but apparently ground-breaking and wondrous band "Triptykon" was being talked about. Never before had I heard of "Tom G. Warrior" or "Monotheist"; it was as if there was a whole metal world that I had been missing out on and knew nothing about. Wanting to hear what all the fuss was about, I ordered this CD one night and patiently awaited its arrival. By the time it arrived, I had read enough Tom Warrior worship to make Jesus jealous, and I was thoroughly hyped about the album. So there I sat, Eparistera Daimones in my hand, stereo open in front of me. I placed the CD in, turned the volume up to the maximum, hit play and by the time I heard "SATAN" two minutes in, I was completely blown away.

This album is indescribably awesome. I'm not sure if it's just the hype this band got, but there is definitely something here too awesome to be put into words. From the obscenely heavy and evil guitar, to the pounding bass, to the beautifully robust drumming, to the stark and wicked vocals. This album is a black hole, sucking anyone who listens to it into a hellish world of hate, doom and madness.

The guitar here is brutally heavy and crushing. Every time you hear a chord you either imagine slaves building a tower with massive stone bricks or a massive stone brick tower falling to pieces. Actually that's not true, the guitar is nothing without the equally demolishing bass. Mixed in with all the dismayed destruction are a lot of softer, grieving pieces such as "My Pain" or the end of "Myopic Empire". The former is a great atmospheric track, however the end of "Myopic Empire" is pretty pathetic: there is no need for piano and third-rate female whisper-singing on such a wonderfully brutal track. Speaking of singing, the vocal work on this album is (again) just as crushing as the instruments. Combinations of doom-inducing moans, hellish preaching and demonic gritty singing really enhance the mood, and are probably what stands out the most on this album. As far as drumming goes, I have to say I didn't really notice anything significant. Norman Lonhard does his job skillfully, but he doesn't push the envelope in any way.

Songwriting is something I really want to talk a bit about. There is such a great amalgam of different types of songs and genres that it's near impossible to really categorize this release without using four or five adjectives (Epic blackened doom/death heavy metal. There, I tried). The album opens with a dark but mid-tempo eleven-minute epic "Goetia", slowly descends in song lengths (although maintaining the doomy formula) until you reach the atmospheric track "Shrine", followed immediately by what is essentially a thrash metal song ("A Thousand Lies") which leads into yet another colossal doom track. After that you have one of my personal favorites ("Myopic Empire"), which has a surprisingly catchy chorus, the previously mentioned atmospheric track "My Pain", and the album finishes with a near-twenty minute epic saga (aptly titled "The Prolonging") which effectively crumples the entire Universe into a massive spiked dildo, rapes God with it, then delivers him to Satan violated, ready to serve an eternity in hell. Yes, it is that awesome.

Basically, this is god-rapingly heavy metal with gothic, doom, black and death metal influences. Fuck! Call it what you want, it is marvelous in every way (except for that stupid piano part, which is why it loses points) and I am satisfied in labeling it a must for any fan of extreme metal. I was a first-time Tom Warrior listener, and I was not disappointed.