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The Road I Want to Travel - 96%

SteveHNo96, February 17th, 2011

Sometimes an album comes from out of nowhere and sideswipes you with its sheer awesomeness. Triosphere took a concept that worked wonders with their first album, and stepped up the power for its second release, "The Road Less Travelled", while still maintaining most of their progressive elements.

What makes this album so cool? After a short instrumental in "Ignition", the album comes at you with a 1-2 punch, namely "Driven" and "The Human Condition", then slows down near the middle of the album just enough that you can feel the emotion in Ida "Pico" Haukland's voice. This will catch you slightly off guard right before the second wave of massive power hits you like an 18-wheeler with "Watcher" and "Twenty-One", two songs that set this album up well for its conclusion.

Ida sounds like a modern-day version of Doro Pesch, belting out lyrics while sounding very masculine, and both the guitars and the drums support Ida's singing fantastically. Even though the bass lines aren't as distinct as I'd like them to be, it works for what it is: 51 minutes of raw emotion, intensity, power and force on 11 tracks.

Triosphere does some experimenting with progressive metal on this album with tracks like "The Road Less Travelled" and "Worlds Apart", and the result is nothing short of amazing. If you like progressive, power or traditional heavy metal, there will be something here for you. If not, then give "The Road Less Travelled" a listen anyways. You might be surprised by what you find.

In conclusion, this is one road I'll be happy to go down for years to come. The name Triosphere should be mentioned in the same light as more well known bands like Iron Maiden or Dream Theater. They're that good and this second album hopefully will pave the way for many more incredible albums to come.

Best songs: All of them!