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These German Metal Maniacs will kill you dead - 95%

chaossphere, August 14th, 2014

Trimonium are more metal than you. This is not a lie, it's a fact. One listen to this seemingly forgotten gem proves this beyond a shadow of doubt. Literally, this is fucking epic blackened thrash metal. There's shades of black metal here and there, but overall this sledgehammer of an album consists of violent thrash beats combined with soaring, epic medieval folk/battle-metal riffs, which combines to form a pure onslaught of metallic splendour.

It's impossible to isolate standouts, since the entire album is brilliant. The opening title track unsubtly begins with the sound of war-horns, then explodes in a pummeling attack of metallic power, while "Banner of Fortress" continues the intense assault. "Battle Axe Destruction" and "In Darkness I Grow" are the two tracks which provide a slight breather, the drums slowing down during the verses and allowing more melody to leak into the riffing, while "The Burning Witchhammer" provides an insanely epic conclusion to the proceedings. This is both vicious enough to appeal to black metal fanatics and glorious enough for more adventurous fans of non-homogay power metal to appreciate. Which is quite the achievement these days, especially since it retains every ounce of metallic purity along the way.

The only band I'd dare to compare Trimonium to is Desaster, particularly songs like "Stormbringer" and "Castleland", but that's only a tenuous link at best. This is both completely unique and heavily rooted in the 80's tradition of underground heavy metal, complete with themes centering around ancient warfare and pagan tradition. I have no idea if the band is still active, since this was their last release and it's nearly 3 years old, but here's hoping they'll emerge with another masterpiece soon.