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Heavy symphonic metal with potential - 70%

kluseba, June 13th, 2018
Written based on this version: 2018, CD, Frontiers Records

I didn't expect much from this release knowing it would be promoted and released by Frontiers Records that have a roster consisting mostly of old-fashioned bands or exchangeable supergroups. Singer Amanda Somerville has also proven to value quantity over quality in the past as she has been involved in numerous bands and projects that didn't impress me very much. Since I like to listen to symphonic metal and think Somerville actually has a quite powerful voice and since this group also includes former After Forever guitarist Sander Gommans, I still wanted to give Trillium's Tectonic a chance.

It turns out the record is much better than I expected. Erik van Ittersum doesn't overuse the keyboards and employs symphonic soundscapes and a few electronic effects quite cleverly. The guitar play by Sander Gommans isn't extraordinary from a technical point of view but refreshingly heavy and simple. Somerville performs very well as she alwyas sounds powerful yet in control in the heavier tracks like the enthusaistic ''Hit Me'' but also the calmer ballads like the enchanting ''Eternal Spring''. Stylistically, this band sounds indeed close to After Forever without reaching that band's highest peaks yet. I hope the band will continue to perform regularly to improve its chemistry as the quartet has the potential to become one of the better heavy symphonic metal bands.

There are only two minor flaws to point out. First of all, the rhythm section is mostly unspectacular and especially the underused bass guitar doesn't add anything to the ten songs. Instead of letting Sander Gommans play this instrument, the band should hire a real full-time bassist. The second negative element is that the album is solid from start to finish but lacking a truly memorable or outstanding song. None and all songs at the same time would qualify as singles which speaks for a very cohesive album without any significant ups or downs.

To keep it short, if you like the heavier type of symphonic metal in the key of After Forever, you should definitely give Trillium's Tectonic a chance. On the other side, the band hasn't exploited its full potential yet as it needs a regular bass guitar player and improve its already promising songwriting.