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I really wanted to like this - 60%

metal_bryan, November 21st, 2011

I went in this excited to hear lots of Amanda Somerville, because it's so rare that her beautiful voice graces an entire album of material. When I got about halfway through the disc though, my ability to stay positive started to wane. This is probably the epitome of mediocrity and safe material when it comes to putting together a supergroup. This album takes no chances at all and in reality the names in the band don't matter. Any session musician could have played this music and had Amanda Somerville sing over it.

The vocals themselves are fantastic, despite the lackluster songs. Amanda does her best to bring each song its own identity, but there are still too many that sound the same and run together. Before I knew it this album was almost over and I couldn't pick out a single song that I liked better than any other. It's all just far too basic and borders on the same quality as (or even less than) Evanescence at times.

Despite more than one listen to try and let it grow on me, this album is going to get shelved. I probably will never go back to it. That's a real shame too, because like I said, these albums with lots of Amanda singing are rare. I guess I'll have to wait for another Kiske Somerville album.