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Tridentifer > Left to Rot > Reviews > demonomania
Tridentifer - Left to Rot

Supposed to, and therefore left to, rot - 81%

demonomania, November 18th, 2017

Tridentifer are immediately recognizable as a third-tier death metal band. They are not selling out arenas and getting signed to huge labels, they are not "the next big thing" or even "up and coming." Instead, they are more akin to the zombies of which they sing - doomed forever to trudge around in the underground.

However, a band's location on the death metal popularity spectrum is not necessarily an indication of how good they are. Sure, Tridentifer may never be joined by Ace Ventura onstage, but they do their retro-old-school death metal with skill and catchiness that cannot be denied. The songs are mid-paced to slow slabs of punishment, not afraid to slip in a spooky keyboard or twisting lead, but avoiding any detours into "progressive" territory as if their death depended on it. The vocalist fits right into that somewhat higher-pitched but not shrieking death growl sweet spot. The fact that the vocals occasionally remind me of Chris Barnes, "Swarm!" era, should not scare you away. In fact, that Torture Killer album is not a bad reference for what these guys are up to here, only instead of 4 good songs the whole disc is worthwhile. The production accentuates the heaviness of the guitars without reaching Vallenfyre levels of studio assistance. And the intros and outros and interludes are all perfect, setting the atmosphere of a sinister assault from a moldering graveyard without overstaying their welcome.

So if it is an unchallenging, groovy death metal album that could have been released at any point in the last nearly 30-something years you seek, look no further. I'd take these Deutsche marks over something like Undergang any day, as the songs are actually well written and memorable despite being nothing new. Good stuff, and I look forward to more of their transmissions from the underground in the future.