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One Hit and One Miss - 80%

nightzblood, April 2nd, 2008

Trident's single is yet another NWOBHM 7" release that has a terrific song on one side and a lesser number on the flipside. 'Destiny' is a great, energetic, anthemic song that is very similar to early Iron Maiden and Tokyo Blade. Fans of faster, guitar-driven NWOBHM such as Hollow Ground and the aforementioned Iron Maiden and Tokyo Blade will definitely enjoy this track. Sharp, fluid guitar work propels the song along, and the vocalist even sounds somewhat like a less gravely Paul DiAnno. The B-side is less effective; it has a 'party song' vibe that makes one suspect it was meant to be a simpler, sing-along number to get the crowd involved. It's not terrible, but it doens't measure up to the gem on Side A.

The single is now a mid-priced rarity among collectors but fortunately both songs have been included in the Heavy Metal Obscurities cd series.