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An enjoyable modern power metal album - 75%

aplws, May 15th, 2011

Trick or Treat started out as a Helloween tribute band, but with Tin Soldiers have managed to create a pleasant modern power metal album with a distinct sound. Don't expect any innovative songwriting, but still this is an enjoyable release that is well performed and includes guest appearances by vocalists Michael Kiske (ex-Helloween, Place Vendome, Avantasia) and Michele Luppi (Vision Divine).

The band is solid instrumentally, offering strong guitar riffs, memorable solos, nice drumming and good higher pitched vocals by lead singer Alessandro Conti. Their music can be labeled as modern melodic power metal. Tin Soldiers features several fast paced songs, some melodic mid-tempo numbers, one ballad and an instrumental piece. The songs and lyrics also manage to convey an uplifting and at parts comical feeling, which resembles in a way what Helloween did in their classic 'Keeper Of The Seven Keys' albums.

The album's highlight is surely the guest appearance of Michael Kiske on two tracks. The ex-Helloween voice sings all the lead vocals on the strong and catchy melodic metal "Hello Moon" and some choruses aswell as the bridge of the atmospheric power ballad "Tears Against Your Smile". Kiske's vocals are emotional and powerful (as on all his recent work) and surely stand out in the album, even though lead singer Alessandro Conti is pretty capable aswell. Other memorable songs include the old school fast paced power metal track "Paper Dragon", the energetic "Elevator To The Sky" and the melodic metal number "Take Your Chance" which features Michele Luppi as guest.

So don't expect any groundbreaking stuff here, but the band is definitely on the right track and all band members are talented and seem enthusiastic about their music. Tin Soldiers is surely an enjoyable listen.

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