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The horror - 95%

Najakelia, October 12th, 2009

Once again, a swedish death metal band born on a fertile ground. Although TRIBULATION has been around since 2000/2001, their previous works didn't receive an unanimous agreement. Only swedish death metal fanatics came forward, so to speak .The others could have said : " well... nothing really bad, but nothing which really deserve recognition and attention. Let's wait what happens next". “The Horror” is thus their first full length album to see the light of day.
What have we there? - Pure swedish death metal in the vein of KAAMOS/REPUGNANT or even the young NECROVATION following the same path!
If those names don't appeal to you, don't waste your time, change course!

The introduction is a piece of piano sounding like an old school morbid movie's soundtrack from the 70's, it doesn’t do much for the quality metal that follows according to me. The first real track is thus "Crypt Of Thanatophilia" and it becomes manifest piano is now a distant memory. Only low-tuned guitars and non-stop blast beating reign. Musically speaking itself, it's once again a mixture between black and death metal. Really not obvious to say if we deal with blackened death metal or the opposite, but who cares ? What sets TRIBULATION apart from all the other death metal bands are also their heavy thrash influences especially in solos composed sometimes upon the pentatonnic scale which create a jazzy atmosphere. A brillant combination that shows that the musicians how to bring their own 'touch' since that's not something very popular.

"Curse Of Resurrection" is one of my favourite tracks due to a second half absolutely insane.A significant slowdown that keeps the door open for a simple but damn effective solo!"Beyond The Horror" is more or less in the same vein even if it extends with a malefic and atmospheric clean guitars part.

"The Vampyre" is actually the first track i had heard before buying this opus (online on their myspace).Pure swedish compositions... i'm running out of words on this one.( the same for "Sacrilegious Darkness")

"Seduced By The Smell Of Rotten Flesh" is also one of their best ones. it begins very slowly with an intense rythmic escorted by a simple lead tune. Here we touch slightly the ends with some light keyboard works before shifting into the final song.

"Graveyard Ghouls" contains maybe the best riff of the whole album starting at 03:02 (damn, listen to it honestly)

To finish, even if the album looks a bit short, it contains awesome parts and it is definitely a brillant first full-lenght!