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An enjoyable first offering - 70%

linkavitch, August 14th, 2009

Every time you come across a new band you’re always spectacle rather or not they are worth your time to check out or not. If you can find free songs from a bands website that’s always a good indicator to see of they’re worth you time. Now imagine getting a whole album from a band. My first impression would be that it would be mediocre considering that they were allowing it to be a free download. Now this is actually a fairly well done album. From start to finish there is a lot of joy to be found in it.

One of the better features to Tribes of Caïn would be their vocalist Sven Gryspeerdt. Other than the typical growls, he also throws in some nice howls in his performance. The biggest problem with the album though is the production. The production basically made the guitars the most audible aspect on the album. The vocals are somewhat distorted and faded into the background so you can’t enjoy them as much as you should be able to. They made the bass almost completely inaudible. The worst part about the production isn’t the vocals or bass, but the drums. They have that wet sound to them, and they also sound a little bit too clunky. It sounds almost as if the drummer is tripping over himself during the entire album.

The guitar work makes up for the lack of a good production job. We got some heavily tremolo-picked two-guitar melodies in each song. Some nice solos in the songs, the melody is repeated a little bit too much but it still sounds rather enjoyable. On the down side of the guitars, I can only pick out one riff that I can remember on the entire album, coming off of the track “The First Kill”. The riff sounds like something that would have came out of an early Dark Tranquillity album, only the riff is a little bit slower.

There are some noticeable flaws in the album, mainly in the production area, but it's still a rather enjoyable melodic death album that anyone who is a fan of the genre should be able to get into. It’s only the first album from the band, but it’s a good album nonetheless and that’s good enough to make me a fan of them.