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Trepass ranks with the very best NWOBHM - 90%

c_zar, January 13th, 2013

The consistency of Trepass's early output in terrific, especially considering the lineup changes on almost every release, though the two Sutclifes remained as the core. Other than the debut Diamond Head and Angel Witch LPs, the Angel Witch single, and the second Dragonslayer demo, there's no classic New Wave of British Heavy Metal Band that shone brighter in their heyday, though admittedly, Trespass did not put out all that much material.

What this great single offers is two tracks of blue collar heavy metal that are sure to appeal to fans of Thin Lizzy. On side A is One of These Days--- one of the best ever tracks out of the NWOBHM. The tune starts with a spacious plaintive lead over a slow arpeggio, recalling perhaps Michael Schenker/Doctor Doctor before moving into a throbbing groove that is further augmented by twin leads. The vocals are blue collar, melodic, low key and heartfelt in a way that very few traditional metal bands ever try to be. The held vocals are by a regular guy lamenting as the machine of the band presses ever onward, with or without him. This song is a beautiful and simple diamond.

Side B, Bloody Moon, is even more focused on twin leads---ones that are a bit more intricate, and overall it is a moodier piece. The end result is something nearly as good as the triumph on side A and more about the guitar melodies than anything else.

This single--and also Bright Lights and to a slightly lesser extent Jealousy--are recommended stuff to fans of revving, cruising early metal that has a plaintive side--- bands like UFO, Thin Lizzy, Red Lights, Bashful Alley and Gaskin.