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Dirty, Raw, Ancient Speed Metal - 85%

thrashmaniac87, April 26th, 2014

Trench Hell doesn’t sound like most of the blackened thrash bands from Australia, like Atomizer or Destroyer 666, they’re going for something more primitive and raw. They’re a retro thrash band but they’re far better than most other retro bands from the time like Merciless Death or Fueled by Fire. They sing about thrashing and they pretend to be alcoholics, but it doesn’t come off as sooo…stupid. Trench Hell goes for more of a dirty, rotten European speed metal sound like Venom, Sodom, and Hellhammer.

The opening track, Foldback Attack, (whatever that means) starts with some screaming and breaking glass which sets a sort of wild, party vibe. The music starts at the 12 second mark and it’s a very upbeat, punk sounding riff. The vocals kick in a little later sounding like a love child between Cronos and Tom Warrior. I guess you could call the singer a procreation of the wicked. As soon as the chorus begins it stops sounding punk, and starts sounding like some pure satanic speed metal. The second song, Thrashing Through Hell, is pretty much more of the same; dirty, raw, ancient, speed metal. It almost reminds me of something from Nightmare Theatre from Exorcist, except the drumming is obviously much better on the Trench Hell song. The final song is a Hellhammer cover which is obviously very fitting, but something more obscure such as Bulldozer would have been nicer to hear. Although, it is one of the best Hellhammer covers I’ve heard. It would have been nice to hear more than two originals, but the two represented here are solid bangers.

The riffing is very simple as is expected with this sort of band, but they’re just not as good as the riffs that their heroes created. They sound more like early Toxic Holocaust then they do a forgotten early 80s speed metal band. That’s not a bad thing since I like early Toxic Holocaust. I guess what I’m saying is that Trench Hell is certainly no Midnight, but who is?