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Near-perfection brilliance. - 97%

mutiilator, September 13th, 2004

The second release from Gaahl’s project, Trelldom, completely blows away their first album, Til Evighet. The music found here is relatively basic, power-chord riffing black metal – evil as fuck, and done really well. The aspect which sets this apart is the presence of Gaahl’s vocals. He has such a wide range of sounds, that you can’t even recognize him at times. With as many vocals layers as are used here, some tracks end up with a wall of screaming, fixed over droning black metal riffs and pounding drums. From deranged shrieks, to clean chants, some of the tracks make the hair on the back of your neck stand up with the utter brilliance and melody of Gaahl’s contribution. Very militaristic and hateful, the music perfectly compliments the vocals. There are a lot of great tracks here, but my favourite has to be the final installment, “Sonardreyri”. This is a great example of drone black metal at its finest, with the said wall of oral noise. Fuckin’ amazing album this is.