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Near-perfection brilliance. - 97%

mutiilator, September 13th, 2004

The second release from Gaahl’s project, Trelldom, completely blows away their first album, Til Evighet. The music found here is relatively basic, power-chord riffing black metal – evil as fuck, and done really well. The aspect which sets this apart is the presence of Gaahl’s vocals. He has such a wide range of sounds, that you can’t even recognize him at times. With as many vocals layers as are used here, some tracks end up with a wall of screaming, fixed over droning black metal riffs and pounding drums. From deranged shrieks, to clean chants, some of the tracks make the hair on the back of your neck stand up with the utter brilliance and melody of Gaahl’s contribution. Very militaristic and hateful, the music perfectly compliments the vocals. There are a lot of great tracks here, but my favourite has to be the final installment, “Sonardreyri”. This is a great example of drone black metal at its finest, with the said wall of oral noise. Fuckin’ amazing album this is.

Grimness - 85%

Danthrax_Nasty, March 22nd, 2004

Starting out with some odd siren thing this album kicks straight into the bands killer sound. Awesome riffs and perfectly disgusting evil vocals, alls here on this killer fucking album.
The second song on this release is Slave Til En Kommende Natt, which contains some very original sounding vocals (odd distortions, and what not) and just an old school Dark Throneish type sound. A big part of what makes this song good is its well put together vocal paterns, and good singing. But none the less the guitar sound and riffs, which as I said was total Dark Throne worship, is a major part of why this shit is so cool.
The third song kicks in right as the last one completely fades out, also I might add tis has to be the coolest song on the album. The riffs are pretty much like viking metal, but the vocals are again what put this above most other bands. The drum beats on this song are total old school worship, and well executed. I really liked the melodies used and the harmonies in the chords, just a great song overall.
Overall the rest of the album keeps par with the killer begining tracks which can be upseting sometimes when you pick up some garbage.
The fourth song starts out with some speed picked chords and some very melodic clean vocals sung over the riff. The drums really sound cool with they come in, a perfectly fitting beat. Repitition is very present on this album I will admitt, but if your a fan of Underground Black Metal thats nothing new. The vocals on this song imparticular really come out very cool, building up within the repetitive patern and then following it up with something very different, but fitting, of the riffs they last played.
The fifth song is cool, with a drum beat that reminds me of Hades (NOR) and a very killer guitar sound. It has very prevelent melodic, and atmospheric aspects within its melodies and overall form of their complete sound. Some hatefull screaming comes in at about 2:55 that is just badass behind there almost old school riffs.
The sixth song (probally the coolest one on here) just screams Dark Throne worship. Just old school black metal,...period. After about 1:40 it goes into some very cool melodic riffs, with a badass bas line, then shortly breaking down into a more metal jam. After a few minutes theres a fucking killer pause where it goes to vocals, heavily distorted, and a few words are spoken and then it breaks into some grim sounding metal with a very cool lead.
Overall I'd say no more need be said, this is for fans of Burzum, Darkthrone, or basically old school Black Metal.