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Decent BM release from Ghaal - 89%

PolSnoek, October 20th, 2008

Trelldom is probably the most interesting side-project of Gorgoroth-vocalist Ghaal. It was started in 1993, yet only 3 albums were released, Till Mine... being the latest effort. And once again Ghaal gives us quality.

The core of this album is true, unpolished, raw black-metal, yet with a slight hint of folk here and there. The main difference between Till Minne and its predecessors is the fact that the folk-element is slightly more present than in the past. I can imagine this is not to the satisfaction of some BM'ers, but it gives the music a certain uniqueness.

Most of the album is fast-paced with occasional temposhifts and, as stated earlier, folk intermezzo's. The riffing is repetitive and almost hypnotizing. The best part however of the music is the vocals. Ghaal is a versatile vocalist and combines powerful screams with demonic whispers and even spoken word passages.

The production is quite thin, but the ballanced mix sets things straight in that field. After all, this is black-metal, not your average Bon Jovi million seller.

To some this album might sound a tad boring, due to the repetitive riffs. But I guess those into underground black metal will appreciate this element. Overall, this is a very decent black metal release: cold, raw, but also epic and majestic. And who's not in for that?