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This Demo Hides Behind the Moon - 97%

HanSathanas, June 11th, 2011

Surely I am totally disappointed by the latest offering from Morbid Angel. It’s an embarrassment to death metal scene. After pressing on the skip buttons for quite a while, I decided to call it quits. Therefore, I’m focusing on something else. Something completely different from badly spelled Latin abomination but comes totally with unexpected decency.

I wouldn’t want to waste time talking about the latter. As a person whose taste is pretty much diverse yet primitive in logical sense, I stumbled upon a demo by Trelldom. Yes. It’s pre – Gorgoroth Gaahl. First thing I noticed about this demo prior listening to it is that people don’t really care so much about it. I could hardly come across anyone who actually knows about Disappearing of the Burning Moon. So I decided to give it a shot and it turns out great. Even when I asked some friends of mine, they just shrugged it off, knowing that Gaahl is now, well, without being overly homophobic, has become what he has declared himself to be. Kinky aside. Let’s talk about this demo.

A five track demo tape with not much details of its creation. Other than the liner notes, there is nothing that is actually great about the cover either. When I first listened to the opening (Sannhet Smerte og Død), I can feel that it is somewhat different with respect to its overall nature. You get common black metal blast. Well, that alone does not do me any surprise. It surely is as atmospheric as hell with Gaahl vocals that seemed to echo perfectly with the music. Although I can say that the guitars are quite thin, they still managed to keep the non piercing buzz alive. Some untrained or elitists may attribute this to the band doing it on purpose in desperate attempt to achieve ‘kvlt’ status but I sense nothing of that sort here. Subjectively speaking, this is only a few marks away from perfection. My point here is, while most primitive or ‘kvlt’ black metal demos (even albums for that matter) are very low on bass attack, Disappearing of the Burning Moon proves otherwise. They have shown through each track on this tape that even with lo fi production, their haunting chants and incantations can still harness the heavy side of black metal that a lot of elite bands have dumped at the very end of their output. Again, the bass is what adds to the enormous amount of malevolence leaves me wanting for more. While the title track itself is no less amazing than the rest, here Gaahl alternates between deep inhuman growls and evil shrieking which is a plus given the nature of the production which has allowed more dynamic range for each band member contribution.

I prefer what they did on this debut over their later works because what comes after Disappearing of the Burning Moon are mostly killed by polished production. The only complaint I have for this demo is that the whole volume is very low. I have to increase the level up in order to fully enjoy it. Moreover, for one to be fully immersed in its mystical aura, good speakers with kicking bass are recommended. For the absence of the latter may lead you to dismiss this demo as just another generic crap that have been done billions of time by trillion of other bands known in existence. Reflecting back, this may not be such a historical landmark in the milieu of black metal, nor has it done something that has never been practised before. Yet again, a review is a review; it is personal and subjective. Whatever I have to say about this demo may not be the same with what others would say. Nowadays, I tend to stay away from jumping on the bandwagon; conforming to the taste of majority. Trelldom did just that on this demo. One can clearly sense that they have been putting great effort to put out this demo because more often than not, higher input means the outcome will be not far from being great. There is passion. There is evil. Total darkness. Therefore, Disappearing of the Burning Moon deserves a positive review. Play this tape on your stereo beginning after midnight when your neighbours are sleeping. Turn off all the lights in your room. Let the moon disappear as you step into the realm of Trelldom.