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Better Second Demo - 82%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, April 15th, 2008

The second Treblinka’s demo doesn’t differ a lot from Crawling In Vomits. It’s always the same black/thrash/death mix in pure 80s style and I’m not saying this because I dislike it…not at all. I like this kind of sonorities. They were still true, sincere and with not so many influences from the other genres. The scene in Sweden was growing in 1989, especially for the death metal bands and here we can find also those famous Swedish death metal influences.

The atmosphere is quite ritualistic and obscure but excellent for a demo and the band has grown since their previous release, filling the sounds with good blast beats and sudden, long doom parts with a touch of melody like in “Nocturnal Funeral”. The refrains are always well audible too. The riffs on “Evilized” are truly brutal with a chainsaw guitars distortion, and exactly the guitars play the main role here: they are so heavy that capture your attention during each song.

The vocals are a mix of Cronos style ones with the malignance of black metal but not too screamed. Anyway they are very good and evil. Check out the riff at 3.00 of “Evilized”! It’s so similar to “The Jack” by AC/DC! Here you can really understand how they wanted to enjoy themselves, because they were always guys even if they wanted to look like demons or slaughters. Even the mid paced riffs of “Necrophagous Shadows” are better structured and less Black Sabbath influenced like in their first demo, showing a more mature direction and sound that we would have found in the first Tiamat album.

The last “Mould In Hell” provides a long series of good, evil mid tempos with very well executed palm muting parts and following blast beats in a mix of hellish sounds. Overall, this can be considered a technically improved demo that any voracious death/black metal fan should at least listen to.