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Obscure Demo...I Like It!! - 80%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, March 6th, 2008

I recently discovered this group, that is nothing else than the pre-Tiamat band. At the time they were more a black metal band than death but we must say that obviously we cannot consider this black metal as Marduk one for example. This is a blackened form of extreme metal that back in the 80s were influenced by groups like early Darkthrone, Celtic Frost or Hellhammer with always an eye to the classical thrash.

Anyway the main riff on the title track is very black oriented with blackened scream vocals. The doomish passages are followed by thrash mid tempos in an atmosphere of pure black mass. The riff on “Earwigs On Your Vein” is pure Black Sabbath with a different approach. Also the production is clear and the guitars not distorted at all, but they are something kinda metallic and doomish. The up tempos are really primordial.

Great the down tempos in “Hail To Cruelty” followed by evil, fast ones. It’s something fun the guitar riffage for the immature but sincere attitude and skill. Anyway pretty good stuff here that must be seen through the eyes of the young members and the year of creation. The final “Cadaverous Odour” is a bit different and shows a more brutal attack and black riffs that sometimes reminded me early Sarcofago.

Primordial but very good and I like these things!!