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Weaker than their other release - 65%

KayTeeBee, October 24th, 2004

This is their first release, and a big effort was made between this album and their second release, "Gateway". Their other album sounded a lot more mature, and was a lot more unique. But this one is weaker, and it feels like the band didn't find their sound yet. The songwriting has some potential, but it feels too cliched. The vocals sound A LOT like blind guardian for some reason (these guys are Swedish...). The weakest part about this album is the verses. They're all the same, they throw in a simplistic drum beat and put in a few keyoards of top to add some ambience.

This is the type of album that you'll be listening to wondering "Have I heard this before? It sounds like Blind Guardian of Helloween". None of the songs are memorable, but these guys have talent. Some riffs are speedy, but most of them are boring generic power/speed metal riffs. One thing I really liked was the intro in "Miracle". Now that's what I call unique, and it reminded of their second release. (which is a lot better than this).

If you're new to power metal, you may find this quite interesting. But if you're power metal veteran, you'll find this quite boring. Good for a few listens, but then you'll just find it boring and leave it on the shelf forever.