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Different Power Metal - 90%

KayTeeBee, October 17th, 2004

Treasure Land's "Gateway" is not your average power metal album. I was expecting cliche chord progression, fast solos, etc. But this album is a more progressive. Sure, it has a lot of classical/neo-classical parts, but what sets this album apart are the interesting verses, and a wider use of PIANO. No not keyboards with a bunch of effects, just piano. And also, just to add a lot more variety and originality to this album, it has those awesome jazz/progressive breaks (like in the middle of the first song). The thing I didn't like was the acoustic interludes. They're well composed, etc... but they're just too cliched. Some variety in the acoustic interludes would contribute to get the attention of the listener. I've got nothing against acoustic interludes, but the ones in this album are just too boring.

But that doesn't mean this album isn't good though. This album is one of the most original and varied power metal albums i've ever heard. The first song is a perfect example of what this album can accomplish. It's 7 minutes long, and it manages to have everything in it - from neo-classical parts, to pure power metal parts, to jazz/progressive breaks, to some stunning keyboard parts.... and all that in one song! That song alone impressed me a lot, and it also proved to me what this band is capable of. The rest of the album is more keyboard /guitar oriented though, I would've liked to see more of those jazz breaks. However, the rest of the album stays unique, and manages to keep a sound that sounds different than most power metal we're used to hear. The keyboards are also quite impressive during the rest of the album, it doesn't stick to piano. I got to hear organ, and a lot more keyboards I may have heard once or twice in a power metal song.

It's that simple. These guys take power metal to a new level, and let's hope we'll hear more of these guys in the future.