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Four Formidable Forms - 84%

rancid_amputation, March 31st, 2019
Written based on this version: 2014, CD, Rebirth the Metal Productions

Four Formidable Forms is a split from 2014, and in case you're not familiar with this split, it's a slam split. It's worth mentioning I see splits a lot when it comes to releases from slam bands, and I'm not sure why they do it. The best theory I can come up with is it cuts costs because there's more than one band involved, but that's just an idea. Anyway, it's rather short, at just shy of 29 minutes, which is also rather unusual.

The first band I'll mention are Parasitic Ejaculation, or P.A as I'll call them. Of course it's duly worth noting that they have only 2 songs, which I'll get to that later. P.A is a pretty standard band, with really nothing special, so naturally it was just a fun enjoyable listen to hear them. It's worth mentioning that they're due some respect because they're one of the few slam bands you'll find with a full lineup(i.e bass, guitar, drums and vocals). Most slam bands can't say they have a bassist, let alone a drummer. With that aspect, it makes the music sound really full and natural. Their first track, Anal Incest, is definitely the better song, and it's a good way to introduce the album. As well, I'm 99% sure the vocals are inhales, which are controversial at best. Normally, I'm not a huge fan of inhales, but Jonathan Neel does them exceptionally well. Some pretty average slams, but hey, it's still good stuff.

The second band in the split is Traumatomy. It's also worth mentioning, they're pretty much the reason I bought this split. Traumatomy is one of my favourite slam bands, so naturally I wanna acquire their whole discography(or at least as much as I can). As well, I can confidently say that they're also the best band of this split. Their production is definitely worth mentioning, because production is huge when it comes to an album for me. It's thick and heavy, which makes it a quality listen. Traumatomy do their usual mid-paced chugs and occasional tremolo pick riffs. Now also worth mentioning, I'm fine with a band keeping pretty much the same sound throughout their career(especially in slam), if their sound is good and worth coming back to. Traumatommy is a good example of that. In the lineup, it doesn't mention the musicians playing in Traumatomy, but I know for a fact Haruka Kamiyama is on vocals. Nothing new here as well, just Traumatomy doing their thing.

Now this is where I consider the split starts to go a bit downhill. The third band on our lineup is Intestinal Alien Reflux, or I.A.R as I'll call them. Now straight of the bat, their production is pretty appalling, and not in the good way. The drums are clicky and the guitars are flat. Judging I.A.R's music was tricky because although, yes, they have 4 songs, they're all around the minute mark. This kinda makes me think of them having a tiny bit of grindcore influence having those short songs, but that's just me. When I was listening, I.A.R pretty much flew by onto Gorepot, so that's that. I don't really have much else to say about these guys, other than that the bad production, mediocre playing and short songs make them a pretty mediocre listen. Still, not the worst of the worst, but there's better bands you could check out.

Lastly, we have Gorepot. Gorepot are pretty famously known among slam fans, mostly for the odd music and humorous material. Other than Traumatomy, they're probably the most well known band on this split. Now I'll firstly say that I've never been a huge fan of Gorepot. The music is meh, and the humour is more the focus. Now I like jokes as much as the next guy, but sometimes what they do can be annoying. Now, as well,I'll bring up that point I talked about earlier. P.A had only two songs, while Gorepot has four, moderately longer songs. Whether it be that Gorepot had more material or were favoured, I dunno, but it's just something peculiar I noticed. Now, Gorepot's music is also kinda mediocre at points too, but it's not the worst of the album. All the songs are pretty much the Gorepot copy-paste here, but to some people, they might enjoy that. I did also say that I'm fine with a band keeping the same sound, but I also said that the music has to be worth coming back too. If you enjoy Gorepot, great, you do that, but their sound is just not a sound I like coming back too a lot.

Before we conclude, this split is especially strange. There are no liner notes, thanks lists, lyrics(well that's not super surprising) or any information on the bands. I've come to the conclusion this might have been a rushed split, just to get some material out. That also might be why the production seems rushed at times. Regardless, this split is decent and definitely has great tracks on it, especially the first two bands' stuff. The reason this split gets an 84 is because the second half(I.A.R and Gorepot), are definitely a downgrade from the previous songs. All in all, this is a good split, but there are better splits out there. Reasonably, the only reason I could see someone going through lengths to get this album is just to, like I said, complete a discography. And even then, this split is pretty widely available on most label stores. Final rating 84/100 or 84%