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Traumatomy Does it Again! - 70%

infinite_abhorrence, September 5th, 2017
Written based on this version: 2017, CD, Pathologically Explicit Recordings

Traumatomy is back! With their debut full-length, Transcendental Evisceration of Necrogenetic Beasts, they had already established their sound as a devastating form of Slamming Brutal Death Metal which wreaks havoc upon the minds and ears of any who approach without context. Delivering a satisfying amount of slams with a lot of groove and power, this trio has been doing what they do best for 7 years now. And amongst the hundreds to slam bands out there, Traumatomy is often mentioned in the scene and recommended for newcomers of the genre. Their music style is not that unique, however as far as slam is concerned, the quality of the music is very well executed.

This new EP titled “Embodiment of Excruciation” brings out Traumatomy’s new and improved sound. Released on their current label Pathologically Explicit Recordings, Traumatomy deliver yet another onslaught of crushing slams which are short, sweet, and to the point. There’s a lot of diversity within the music itself rather than just your traditional chugging and slams all the way through; technical riffs, some bass drops here and there, and an overall consistency which keeps the listener entertained.

There is a consistent groove throughout each song which either features slow, dragging parts where the focus is on the slams, or faster parts in which the riffs and drumming get a lot more technical and intense. Personally, I really like the faster segments because it feels a lot more devastating, like an extermination of an entire city, or a world apocalypse.

There have been slight differences with this bands sound over the years, and I can say say that this feels a lot more cleaner in production. The drums, although programmed, sound realistic enough to not take away from the quality of the music, and the guitars sound a little muffled but brutal as all hell. Vocally there’s nothing new here; typical gurgling and burping. I’d really like to see some slam bands which have actual vocals where they growl the lyrics in some kind of comprehensible way. Although Haruka Kamiyama of Traumatomy is actually decent at his vocal delivery, but growls that are more clear and visceral would definitely add more brutality to the music.

Traumatomy seems to be continuing with themes of brutality, alien mutations, and gore, which aren’t foreign to the genre at all, however I would be happy to see some kind of concept or story unfold within the lyrics themselves. Maybe somebody is trapped on some otherworldly planet and has to escape the horrible creatures that inhabit it, which are hell-bent on eating flesh? Just a thought.

Embodiment of Excruciation is a great EP, and a really good session of slams and headbanging. The songs themselves are each great, however for me “Epoch of Mass Extermination” and “Resurrected Into Mutilations” feature the most groove, and great buildups which use bass drops to move into some juicy slams. Overall a great EP, and I hope Traumatomy continue developing their sound to create some more epic and devastating music.

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