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Classic Swedish Death - 92%

hellhippie, February 20th, 2009

At the time this obscure Swedish band released this e.p. the market was already flooded with hundreds of bands that had already mastered this part of the worlds sound . Everyone everywhere knew exactly what to expect from the "Swedish" groups . Beyond heavy down tuned sludge infested guitars and bass that dominated every second of every song . Relentless drummers that never would even consider quitting for one second . The gut wrenching tortured sound of the beyond any human comparison vocalist's . This all fit together perfectly to create that unbelievably heavy sound we have all come to adore over the years . The indisputable heavy weight champions "Entombed", "Carnage", "Dismember" and "Nihilist" all went on to release epic demo's and albums that are the foundation for a scene that still thrives today .

With the dominating force of these amazing bands it understandably happened that many many godly releases were forced into obscurity . "Traumatic" being one of them . 1000 copies pressed on vinyl is not even close to the first pressing run of let's say the debut l.p. from "Entombed" . Rarity of a particular release can force the owner of such a record to hold it much more near and dear than a common one though . Maybe this is the case here, but i doubt it .

"The Morbid Act of a Sadistic Rape Incision" starts off like a kick in the face . A familiar wake up call to all the great things these bands from this country have left us with . Everything here is present that is present on all the perfect albums these great bands recorded early on in their careers . One can easily put all these bands together as they can all be summed up together, Amazing .

The guitar sound is unbelievable . Exactly as you would expect from a band from this part of the world releasing an e.p. at this point in time . Way low perfectly struck notes that is very reminiscent of any one of the previously mentioned bands . The drummer on this is really good . The beats displayed are extremely punishing and have a great groove to them . The bassist and drummer flow well together and just hold that crushing death metal foundation down so well . The vocalist is pure and deep . The vocals (and lyrics) round this album out perfectly . These guys were morbid . What else would you expect from a band that had to compete with the likes of "Nihilist" or "Dismember" anyway ? Hopefully this will be issued on some format again, because if your a fan of that "Swedish" sound you'll want to track this one down .