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Pure Speed/Power! - 83%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, October 30th, 2007

Trauma is an almost unknown speed metal group that back in 1984 released this very good CD. Playing old speed metal they took influences from early Exciter and Anthrax (the voice is incredible similar to Belladonna one!); the speed is very high as it should be in this genre and the opener is a good example of that. The solos are shredded and the refrain is very catchy, while the drums are restless.

The following “Bringin’ The House Down” is pure early 80s power/speed, great! I love that sound, made of pure passion and sweat without too smart arrangements and, most of all, without computers! The tempo in this song is more hard rock style and the refrain is always catchy. Often the vocals are in falsetto, and extremely well done, not excessively high in tonality. “Kill For Less” is mid-paced but extremely good with great solos.

After two mid-paced tracks (extremely good) it’s time for the title track to bring some violence with some stop and go and the obscure refrain. The guitars here are more complex in their parts with a great solo at 2:27 with lots of tremolos and strange effects. An obscure arpeggio and odd spoken parts introduce us to “The Warlock” song, a damn fast one! Everything is in pure speed style and here the vocals are even more melodic.

“Lay Low” is total hard rock in its tempo parts and for some guitar parts but, going on, the song increases in speed during the solo to return almost mid-paced after. “In The End” starts as a semi-ballad (very good melodies) continuing in pure speed style with awesome solos during the end. “We Are Watching You” is again mid paced/ hard rock style. It’s incredible how you can breath the true 80s air in those songs…

The final “The Flight Of The Raven” is obscure in its melody made of arpeggios and solos at the beginning. The vocals are evocative and suffered. At 2:00 an up tempo beaks the gloomy atmosphere but after we return to the arpeggio and again to up tempo. This is a very good song, based on the balance of obscure parts with few faster ones.

Well, I must say that this is a good album of pure power/speed metal and it's recommended to anyone who likes this genre. The only thing is dislike is the presence of few up tempo songs that surely deserved more attention; but anyway this is only a personal opinion.