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Trauma went nu-tone? - 80%

opes, October 8th, 2006

Trauma is one of the most experienced polish death metal bands, started in late 80s but it seems that they didn't get such approval as Vader and Behemoth over the world. This EP probably won't change much, especially if it contains music different from what Trauma ever recorded. Yes, it is really different. They always played high class brutal death metal with low growls, sterilized but heavy sound and blasting drums. Their last two LPs even got released in Western Europe. So what was 'Hamartia' released for?

What I know, it's the last record for the vocalist and here I'd like to pay tribute to his work, because he did really good work for this band. What is more on this release we can actually hear some clean voice (I thought it was done by Chudy, but it was not) on "Davidian"... yes, they covered Machine Head. That was really surprising for me that they decided to record their and also Fear Factory's "Demanufacture" (respect for really good keyboard and samples work!!) and they played it pretty damn good. The third cover is Cannibal Corpse's "Stripped, Raped and Strangled" done also well. There are obviously not only covers but also Trauma's own songs. "Decayed by False" sounds much like what we could hear on DetermiNation. The opening song is much more interesting, "Craving" starts with a riff that any of Gothenburg melo-death bands could not be embarassed with and though it is still a great song and again I have to admit that Chudy's vocals make this track sound more violent and heavy.

I don't think that with this EP Trauma mean to prepare their few fans for huge change of their style. It is rather a presentation of their wide musical interests, and to be honest it is worth to hear!