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Trans Thrash, Trans Death, Trans Rock… and Roll - 60%

bayern, September 14th, 2020

Transmetal… with a name like this, you’ve got to do the utmost to justify it; like transcend every metal genre imaginable and produce your own unique stuff… and the guys have had a plentiful ground for the purpose, we’re talking whole 23 full-lengths, for crying out loud; one of the most productive outfits in music history, hey! A bottle of Cervesa… sorry, Corona raised immediately! Cheers! Starting as rough unpolished, hyper-active retro thrashers, this team showed some near-admirable skills in doing the death metal twist ("El Infierno De Dante") before deciding that this newly-acquired stance wasn’t brutal enough, and peppered their subsequent recordings with vehement vicious hard/grindcore on top of the other already epitomized genres, this ingredient staying all the way to the early-00’s, making their efforts not for the weak-of-heart.

The situation invariably got under control in 2011 on "Decadencia En La Modernidad", a more homogenous thrash/death affair, but "Indestructible" nearly destroyed the decent new setting with a messy mix of covers and scattered-all-over-the-place original material the latter containing very little of the thrash/deathy clout of the preceding offering. "Clasicos" was an even bigger mess the band phasing out the death, settling for a mild friendly cocktail of heavy, power, doom, crossover, ballads, etc. "Peregrinacion a la Cabeza de Cristo" brought back the coherence but for a boring tedious post-thrash ride that seriously diminished the expectations for the album reviewed here.

The album-title doesn’t bode much fun, either; after all, the guys have only left the good old rock’n roll uncourted at this stage… maybe the time has come for some Elvis Presley-styled vaudeville? Sure thing, and those of you who have made the mistake of hitting the “play” button, will be befallen by the title-rack, a really bland rock-ish non-sense. Time to press the “stop” button? Well, let’s keep this saga rolling (and also rocking) for at least one more track which happens to be "Monarca Negro", a violent sweeping classic thrasher. This one surely saves the day but comes “Tierra” right after and the joy disappears once again, this cut being a plodding dreary proposition which can’t decide whether it wants to hit the 90’s groovy parametres or wants to side with the abrasive doom movement. Hesitation largely left ignored, with "El Clavo Martillado" entering the scene with escalating death metal-ish dramatism. A few more of the kind would be just fine, but such threatening gravity isn’t offered later; instead, the guys relax with a series of uplifting crossover-ish tunes ("Lumen de Lumine", "Vestido Para ir al Campo Santo") which bring very little to the already diverse menu, the absolute highlight here being the excellent epic ballad "Mas Duro Que un Roble" at the end, an imposing epitaph that this scattered recording doesn’t quite deserve.

Well, in the end we all have to agree that since this is trans-stuff, anything is allowed, even a guitar-less Modern Talking cover… ha ha, nah, that can not! But seriously, a transmetal outfit should be granted the freedom to branch into the less metal-ish, to blend disparate elements at will, to gleefully violate stylistic borders… in this particular case we don’t have an unpardonable display of bad taste; besides, the band already showed only too well that coherence won’t be the name of the game in their repertoire. And it can be amusing, if you’re in the right mood of course, to hear a confidently executed mish-mash of the kind, like the musicians genuinely believe in its positive impact…

I personally would hardly give it another listen, not in the distant future anyway, but I will definitely try to track down this “Demiurgo”, the guys’ newest cocktail, hoping for a retro thrash/death homogeneity… but I promise I won’t frown too much if the band have voted again on another merry versatile metalrolla.