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Transmetal - El infierno de Dante

Transmetal's masterpiece - 95%

Brutalitaet, September 25th, 2004

I strongly believe that El Infierno de Dante (Dante's Inferno) is Transmetal's masterpiece. After several years of composing and recording the band got enough experience to create this supreme release. They got the sound they were looking for as well. All the elements led to the releasing of an excellent album: Death Metal was at its peak, the band had made a great reputation, they recorded the album at Morrisound in Florida, Scott Burns was the producer. El Infierno de Dante was meant to be a nuke attack on the Mexican death metal scene. And it was; perhaps it was the best DM album by the moment all over Mexico. On this recording the band's composing skills were way more complex (compare the tempos with previous releases) and thus created a more violent and darker ambience. I have attended to many Transmetal gigs and the crowd goes really wild when they play any song from El Infierno de Dante. There is no single person that does not start punching and kicking the closest one. If there are three thousand persons in the place, when they play a song from this album, the three thousand persons go crazy. After experiencing many sounds, many guitar effects, many techniques, the band knew what they wanted. And El Infierno de Dante is what they wanted: the drums are fast and quite rhythmical, the guitars' distortion sounds a little bit like Deicide's yet rawer, and Alberto's vocals are raw, despaired, and sorrowful in order to fit the album's topic. Whoever buys El Infierno de Dante will not be disappointed. By the way, I do not recommend you to buy the english version of this album (Dante's Inferno), since the songs were composed in spanish and in this language the music and the words fit exactly; in english they do not.