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Good progressive death mixture - 80%

Koolacc, October 27th, 2007

The name Translunaria isn't really a well known one to the wider metal fanbase. A band from Prerov got together (except for one member) in 1993 and since then they were working on their material and concerting. Recently they finally released their debut full-length Beyond The Astral Misanthropy. Unconventional title, but what about the music? The pigeonhole technical progressive death metal and long years of preparation definitely sound promising :)

Rather a blackish beginning starts off pretty sharply, uncompromising massacre changing the pace and the tone every once in a while and that's how the album goes all the time. Relaxing pace at times, melodic riffing reminding me of Insomnium after that or maybe some doom metal passages and death metal ones before the clean vocals to come in. There is so much what is happening in the songs, that the risk of being bored is zero. Of course this can also be a disadvantage for someone (but those will probably get put off by the song titles first :)), but for the fans of more complex extreme music this album has much to offer. Although it is a pity, that after the fourth slower and really well done song Grievous Quest For Garden Of Harmony the quality of the music goes down a bit. It's still quite fun to listen to and they're colourful, but the ideas aren't that good and inventive as in the first half of the album.

To sum it up somehow .. seven songs out of which more than a half are excellent while the rest is good,

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