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Not Their Strongest Work - 68%

Thumbman, December 23rd, 2018

With their new EP Fury Tragedy have proved that non-album releases can be an important part of their discography. Unfortunately, their earlier EP Can We Call This Life? doesn't really stack up. It's still Tragedy so it's obviously not bad, but all in all this is a pretty unimportant footnote in their discography. A lot of why Can We Call This Life? doesn't stand up to most of their work is that the production quality is miles bellow what it is for even their debut album.

Can We Call This Life consists of three fast and to the point hardcore songs. All of them are good at what they do, but none really stand up to the quality of Tragedy's better riffs and songwriting. The vocals are a bit less furious than we'd expect from Tragedy, which is part of why this feels more like a hardcore offering than a full-out crust one. There is a lot of melody in the bookend tracks, acting as a portent for the all out melody-fest they'd drop next year with their sophomore album Vengeance. The biggest drawback here is the production just isn't that good. It's definitely demo quality and even their self-titled debut was better produced. The guitar tone just isn't very convincing.

While it's still better than your average hardcore/crust band, at the end of the day Can We Call This Life? is a more or less inconsequential footnote in Tragedy's discography. For a Tragedy EP, you'd be wise to try your luck with Fury instead.