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Tragedian - Unholy Divine - 95%

Edmund Sackbauer, November 7th, 2018
Written based on this version: 2017, CD, IceWarrior Records

A big portion of my CD collection can be filed under “bands that would deserve more attention”. One of the latest additions to this category is this Melodic Power Metal band hailing from Hamburg. Although already existing for 15 years “Unholy Divine” is only their third album. Not having been familiar with their prior outings I have been blown away by the quality on display here.

“Unholy Divine” offers quite traditional European Melodic Power Metal with some slight Prog tendencies which are mainly due to the quite prominent use of keyboards. If I had to make any comparisons I would come up with some Italian Power/Prog bands like e.g. Vision Divine but with more direct songwriting. Most of the songs are pretty fast and uplifting and although the keyboard is used as lead instrument as well as for adding some details like symphonic elements the main focus is still on the riffs. The main chords are nothing we have not heard before but they are played with such freshness and coolness that the record never gets boring. Of course there are also a lot of lead guitar solos to be heard here which work in great harmony with the symphonic parts.

The drumming is fast and relentless and underlines the intensity of the music. The songwriting is on point combining straight parts with a bit more complex sections. However, there is nothing too flashy that could lead to the listener feeling overwhelmed as the most emphasis has been put on writing melodic and entertaining music. Each of the songs offers a memorable chorus with some of them being outstanding examples of the genre. Don’t be surprised in case you find yourself singing along to some of the anthems during consecutive listens of “Unholy Divine”.

Singer Alex Blank is doing a great job. He has a very pleasantly sounding voice and while he stays in the higher registers for the most part he always knows when to keep things a bit smoother. His delivery is really great perfectly fitting to the music. He has put in a lot of emotions and passion into his work.

The production is very clear and while I personally would have preferred a bit more crunchiness the overall sound is really transparent giving each instrument enough room to breathe. Every detail can be heard and nothing has been buried in the mix.

Tragedian have brought in some big names as guests namley Kai Hansen and Bob Katsionis. That shows the ambition of this band but to be honest this would not have been necessary in my books as the guys are great musicians and have delivered an album that should be of interest for any fan of Melodic Power/Prog Metal.