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Humanity Threatened by More Metallic Toxicity - 98%

bayern, June 28th, 2017

It seems as though the Toxik legend may eventually have a follow-up… a reason good enough for the metal fanbase to become overtly excited having in mind that the band remain one of the greatest technical/progressive thrash metal outfits ever conceived. They’re also the holders of the finest double (two very strong albums released in quick succession before the band fold it or take a lengthy break) in the annals of US metal history, beating Agent Steel, Sanctuary and Realm for the title. Their untimely disappearance from the scene was a sad bitter occurrence as the guys definitely had more to give to the field, especially with the growing tastes towards more serious, more mind-stimulating ways of expression in the early-90’s…

I’ve always thought that the band could have released a mediator between their more immediate, blistering technical debut and the way more ambitious, multi-layered sophomore; an album, or maybe just an EP, to elaborate on the superb speedy technicality form the first showing without necessarily complicating the environment with less accessible riffy mosaics. Some twenty five years later this missing link may as well see the light of day as this 3-track promo promises. The guys are on fire and hopefully this teaser will be followed soon by the official release (three years gone and still hoping…). “Too Late” has a most prophetic title, but in fact it’s never too late for the good old progressive/technical thrash as this piece so handsomely displays, the band speed/thrashing with gusto their vigour matching the debut every bit of the way with more dramatic accumulations served later alongside authoritative bass burps. Sanders is outstanding behind the mike his vocal bravado of old almost intact, the man hitting the higher-registers at will without shedding a sweat. “Program Insertion” compensates for the relative linearity of the preceding cut by complicating the environment from the get-go with a portion of dazzling leads before superb mazey vortex-like riff-patterns start winding up and down to a strong hallucinogenic effect, the guys beating their earlier labyrinths here aiming for the stars with audacious dexterity. “Crooked Crosses” follows a pretty similar path with bizarre head-scratching rhythms which easily reach headbanging proportions with gorgeous melodic hooks added later, not to mention the brilliant technical knot tied mid-way, an intricate surreal marvel reminiscent of Mekong Delta and Deathrow.

A teaser second to none, this short outburst of genius may make one salivate over the prospective full-length which for some mysterious reason keeps being delayed. An opus of the same high quality as the one of these three compositions would shoot the band beyond the stratosphere, straight into another dimension where the fear of all kinds of toxic substances would be non-existent. I guess some of the musicians’ patience has also run out as Sanders is no longer with the band. Not to worry so much, I guess, as Charles Sabin, yes, that same one who sang on the “Think This” album, has re-joined his old comrades. From one dramatic “banshee” to another… this is obviously the fate of these legends who will surely do whatever it takes to please humanity with their grandiose musical endeavours whenever they may see the light of day.