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Mutant Speed Freaks Freak Out - 76%

televiper11, December 7th, 2017
Written based on this version: 2010, 12" vinyl, Tankcrimes Records (Limited edition)

This Toxic Holocaust/Inepsy split is just what I am looking for in a semi-disposable mini-release: two kindred spirit bands who, despite having as many differences as commonalities, team-up to cover each others material and make it their own.

Toxic Holocaust bats first, taking two of Inepsy's Motör-charged gutter punk songs and sharpening them into a more pointed thrash assault. Inepsy's sloppier, bluesier riffs are tightened up, engaging the angularity inherent. The mid-tempo shuffles and staggering d-beat are both sped up, feeding the engine of thrash that always lurked just beneath Inepsy's usual style. Not forgetting how heavily Inepsy lean on anthemic guitar solos, Joel Grind makes sure to include some, keeping the Inepsy blueprint alive despite giving these songs a good, thrashier re-work. Props too for Joel Grind's vocals: he is a coarser, deeper vocalist but he nails Inepsy's Lemmy-ish vocal patterns.

Flip the side and you get Inepsy's interpretation of two Toxic Holocaust bashers. Inepsy takes these raging thrash juggernauts and infuses them with a bluesier, Motörpunk flavor. With "Hell On Earth," rather than the straining thrash kick approach, this song gets the UK '82 two-step drum treatment: simpler but still straightforwardly visceral. The riffs are also slightly de-emphasized, taking the metal sharpness and softening it slightly into a more rock-ish cadence and tone. A definite change from the original but still successful. "Atomik Destructor" is more to the point, this is Inepsy unleashing their inner thrash beast, barely re-working this song at all: they just tear it up! Other than wasting 50-second of their three-minute run-time on an intro of random screaming and wailing, it is effective! I dig Chany's vox on both these tracks too as he brings a bit more melody to the vocal lines.

Overall, this is a fun, if unnecessary, split from two bands whose work I enjoy. Mileage may very but if you want to hear latent strains in these bands brought to the fore, these covers provide it.

Toxic Holocaust side: 78%
Inepsy side: 73%
Total: 75.5% (rounded up)